How Begin to Forex Online Trading

Stock investment is one option to invest that has many advantages over investment in other fields. Starting from the ease, practicality, and high yields. Now investing in shares is very easy to do, even it can be done online. We can buy shares online via the internet, at home, wherever they are connected to the internet. But not many ordinary people know how to buy shares online. This article will answer this question thoroughly.

The following are the steps to buying stock online or How to buy stock from online :


To be able to buy shares we must be registered as a customer of a securities (broker / broker). Securities companies are intermediaries for us to be able to buy shares on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). We need to register as a customer at one of the brokers. If you want to buy shares online, make sure the broker you choose has good and easy to use online trading software facilities. To open a stock account is free of charge. You only need to fill in the form and complete it with a copy of the required documents.


After the stock account is finished, usually 1-2 weeks, we are sent a stock account opening confirmation email. In the e-mail, there are username, password, PIN, and Investor Fund Account (RDI) information. We need to deposit funds into the RDI with a minimum value determined by the broker where the account is opened. This Investor Fund Account is a bank account in our own name, but there is no passbook or ATM card. RDI is indeed only used to store our funds before being used to buy shares. To deposit funds, we can transfer via bank tellers, or via ATM, internet banking.


Download and install online trading software provided by the broker where you open an account. Usually there is a computer version, or mobile (Android or iPhone). Just choose as needed. Generally this software is free, there are no usage fees. Then you can log in using the username and password that was sent earlier via email. After logging in you are usually asked to change your password and PIN for security. In this online trading software, you can see the deposit of funds that have been deposited. The image below is an example of one of the online trading software used to buy or sell shares.


In the online trading software, there is a menu for buying and selling shares. Enter a PIN, without a PIN we cannot transact shares. Select the buy stock menu. Then you just enter the stock code you want to buy. Each share is given a 4-letter code, for example Forex INC shares are coded with ANTM. Enter the stock price you want to buy and enter the number of lots of shares you want to buy. Minimum purchase is 1 lot or 100 sheets. Then click the Send button. It's easy


We certainly cannot just buy and sell shares, it might not be profitable but instead lose. We need to learn the right strategies in investing, starting from choosing stocks and determining when is the right time to buy or sell shares. You can read various articles on this website to deepen your knowledge about stock investment or you can also read various books on investment and stock trading

Thus a brief description of how to buy shares online. So now investing is very practical and easy. We can buy shares through the internet, can be via a computer or smartphone.

A broker is another name for a broker. Forex broker means a brokerage company that deals with foreign exchange. This means that the role of the forex broker is as you do foreign exchange transactions

Notes: Forex trading is high risk. Responsibility for the results of all decisions is yours.

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